Lafitte Greenway

The Lafitte Greenway is a 2.6-mile long linear park and bike path in New Orleans, Louisiana. It stretches from the edge of the French Quarter to City Park, connecting neighborhoods such as Treme, Mid-City, and Bayou St. John. The greenway was opened in 2015 and has become a popular recreational space for both locals and visitors.

The Lafitte Greenway was created through a collaborative effort between the City of New Orleans, non-profit organizations, and community members. It was built on an old railroad corridor and transformed into a multi-use path for walkers, joggers, and cyclists. The greenway also includes amenities such as playgrounds, fitness stations, picnic areas, and water fountains.

One of the key features of the Lafitte Greenway is its connection to various cultural and historic sites in New Orleans. Along the path, visitors can find public art installations, historical markers, and access to attractions like the Louis Armstrong Park and the New Orleans Museum of Art. The greenway also serves as a hub for community events, festivals, and markets.

The Lafitte Greenway is not only a recreational space but also an important transportation corridor. It provides a safe and accessible route for cyclists and pedestrians, linking different neighborhoods and offering an alternative to traditional transportation methods. The greenway has also contributed to the revitalization of nearby areas, attracting new businesses, and promoting economic development.

Overall, the Lafitte Greenway is a beloved and vibrant addition to the city of New Orleans. It showcases the city’s commitment to sustainability, active living, and community engagement. Whether for exercise, leisure, or commuting, the greenway offers a unique and enjoyable experience for all who visit.

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