Fun Things To Do In New Orleans

Looking for some fun things to do in New Orleans? We have compiled a list that is sure to keep you busy and entertained! Come to New Orleans and experience the city like a local!

1. Explore the French Quarter: Walk around the historic streets, admire the unique architecture, and stop by famous spots like Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral.

2. Enjoy live music on Frenchmen Street: This vibrant street is known for its numerous jazz clubs and live music venues. Experience the rich musical culture of New Orleans while immersing yourself in the lively atmosphere.

3. Take a steamboat cruise on the Mississippi River: Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the iconic Mississippi River on a steamboat. These cruises offer stunning views of the city’s skyline and provide a unique perspective of New Orleans.

4. Visit the Garden District: Take a stroll through this picturesque neighborhood, known for its beautiful mansions and oak-lined streets. Don’t miss Magazine Street, which is filled with unique boutiques, shops, and restaurants.

5. Explore the National WWII Museum: This highly acclaimed museum offers a comprehensive look at World War II, including exhibits, artifacts, and personal stories. It is a must-visit for history buffs.

6. Indulge in New Orleans cuisine: Sample the delicious local food, such as beignets, gumbo, po’boys, and jambalaya. Don’t forget to try the famous Creole and Cajun dishes that are unique to the region.

7. Take a swamp tour: Explore the stunning Louisiana swamps and bayous on a guided tour. Get up close to alligators, birds, and other wildlife while learning about the unique ecosystem.

8. Visit the New Orleans Museum of Art: Discover a wide range of artwork, including classic and contemporary pieces, at this beautiful museum located in City Park.

9. Attend a Mardi Gras parade: If you’re visiting during carnival season, don’t miss the chance to experience the vibrant and colorful Mardi Gras parades. They are full of music, dancing, and elaborate floats.

10. Explore the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park: Learn about the birth and evolution of jazz at this park, which offers interactive exhibits, concerts, and educational programs.

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